It’s over

::: I just watched the last episode of Gilmore Girls. Lovely, as all the other 153 chapters (six seasons, 22 shows each, plus the 21 of the seventh. 154 with the last one). Luke and Lorelai kissed and got back, after all. Rory got a job – not her dream job, but a really nice one. The hole Stars Hollow got togheter in a good bye party for Rory. Perfect. And I cried. Because I’m sentimental and I’m the kindda person who gets attached to charachters from series and movies. Also because Gilmore Girls is a serie that happened in a particular time of my life – it didn’t started at that point, but it’s really part of this “slice” of my life. And it’s a tasty slice, and I’m trying to digest it properly. But it’s hard, u know. And I’m not quite ready and not quite succesfull in pretending that I am… It’s not over around here, though “Emotions” keeps playing in my head…


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