lazy girl, monday, moody


::: Dunno why, but since friday I’m in such a lazyness… Maybe it’s because of the weather – absurdely hot -, or it’s just PMS in advance (a little soon for that). I just know that all I wanna do is lay down and keep laid. With some wind on me, or in a climatized room ahah. I’m just lazy, u know? L-a-z-y. But things have to be done – and there are a lot of them. Including getting paid for a job 😛 Maybe it’s just monday, but I really don’t think so. And, to fulfill my day, when I got home for lunch my dad told me that he is with some kind of problem – muscles or the spine – and his right hand is not working properly and he’s going to the doctor today, but I’m really worried, because he might need a surgery (this is an old hypotesis). And now I’m lazy & worried. And I have to be at my dentist’s clinic in half an hour, I’m still in my unifor, I haven’t brushed and flossed my teeth and the traffic’s gonna be fuckin’ shit and I’m in the right mood to swear and curse so don’t be surprised.


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