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The Solution

::: Well, it may really be PMS. Aparently, chocolate solved my problem, at least temporarily. The thing is, I was at my dentist’s reception room, waiting, and the choc crave just increased. I thought about goingo to La Basque after and indulge myself with a petit gateau (with mint-choc icecream). But instead, I went to the bakery… oh, Jesus… shake my soul! I stopped by at Monte Libano (one of the greatests bakeries around) and got some chocolate sweeties… and by some I mean a small (really) slice of german brownie, about 5 donnuts wannabe filled with the marvelous chocolicious cream and 2 small pieces (really) of apple strudel with nuts. JESUS CHRIST! Oh, and a bottle of coke (regular, they ran out of light). Yes, I know. I’m on a diet. I want (much more than being supposed to) get rid of another 5kg. But there are days… oh, girls, c’mom, you understand me, right? Please. ahahah. Well, anyways, I’m better now. I still have some questions about al this being PMS or not. I’m still blaming the stupidly hot afternoons for that. Who knows…

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