rina pri


I’m listening to Zeca Baleiro on and on and on tonight. Got some songs, delicious. And also, I’m trying no to think. In what it is, what is not, what will be, would be… Cause if I start thinking hard I’ll get lost. The thing, I suppose, is that I’m used to receiving, not looking for it. Somehow it can even be consider a kind of predujice, but it’s so good… Well, first, I must try to explain to myself what’s going on. Maybe after I’ll be able to put all my thoughts in some kind of order. And, though they are good messy feelings, they need to be solved, don’t they? Necessity, just that. I’m also learning to be patient… to wait… but how long should I wait? And when is it my turn? When should I go first? Ohh…. so hard to understand! Especially ‘cause I’m trying to get not so much excited… impossible?


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